The design of Oilfresh OF1000 Series catalytic devices are well thought out to easily retrofit with most of widely used fryers in commercial restaurants such as Frymaster, Pitco, Dean, American Range, Henny Penny etc. The following exhibits the step-by-step installation procedures of Oilfresh devices.

OF1000SE & OF1000HC

OF1000SE and HC are designed for open gas fryers with visible burner units in the fryer vat. (If there is special sediment tray in the vat, SE and HC won't be compatible. Either SM or SH should be used)
Hook OF1000SE enclosure body onto the universal mounting adapter as picture left. (OF1000HC device doesn't need this step)
OF1000Inst02.jpg STEP 2
Place the mounting adapter on the burner pipes (or V-shape burner unit if it is Frymaster fryer) and the enclosure body in between the burner pipes in the fryer.
OF1000Inst03.jpg STEP 3
Place the fryer screen back in the fryer.
OF1000Inst04.jpg STEP 4
Put the fryer baskets back in the fryer, and now you are ready to do fry!

OF1000SM & OF1000SH

OF1000SM and HS are designed for electric or flat-bottom type fryers.
*Countertop electric fryers require different Oilfresh model. Please contact us.

Sidemounting01.jpgSTEP 1
Choose one of the side of walls for side-mounting .
Sidemounting02.jpgSTEP 2
Simply hang the device on the side wall of the fryer using the bracket.
Sidemounting03.jpg STEP 3
Put the fryer baskets back in the fryer, and now you are ready to do fry!