Device Maintenance

OilFresh OF1000 Series devices need to be regularly cleaned about once every two to three weeks (usually when you change oil). It is highly important to follow the cleaning and drying procedures as set out below for proper maintenance of the OilFresh devices.

[ Safety Precautions ]
DO NOT install or remove OilFresh device while oil in the fryer is still hot or on fire.

Device Cleaning Procedure

  1. Remove the OilFresh device (along with mounting adapter if 1000SE model) from the fryer.
  2. Simply keep the device in fresh boiling water for approximately 30 minutes for each cleaning. (Cleaning the device with spray gun with warm water prior to putting it in the boiling water may insure better cleaning results)

CAUTION: DO NOT use any soap or chemical detergent for cleanng.

Device Drying Procedure

  1. Wrap up the device around in about five (5) sheets of paper towel.
  2. Leave it on the desk for about three (3) minutes, and then turn it over and wait for another three (3) minutes.
  3. Put the device back to fryer (actually in the oil). You're all set.

CAUTION: It is highly important the device kept immersed in the oil at all time, 24x7.