OilFresh® OF1000 Series Catalytic Device for longer & better oil usage...

up_to.gifOF1000 series, an innovative catalytic device for deep frying, is an oil conditioning solution. It is designed to interact with frying oil to enable consistent production of high quality fried foods by preserving oil freshness. In addition, it enhances the oil's heat conductivity for faster cooking even at lower frying temperature setting. This affords significantly longer utilization of frying oil in the deep fryer as well as better and healthier food quality. The OilFresh device catalytically inhibits the thermal polymerization (molecular lumping) of frying oil, thereby slowing deterioration of the oil and keeping oil viscosity low. The important benefits of using the OilFresh device include crispier fries, better food quality, greater consistency, significant savings in oil cost, and contributions to human health and the environment.
OF1000 series is a must have equipment for deep frying. It is ideal for individual family restaurants, hotels & resorts, cafeterias, nationwide quick-service restaurant chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, Denny's and KFC, and everything in between. It is well suited for American mainstays such as French fries and fried chicken, and also meets the needs of Asian style restaurants. Moreover, the OilFresh device reduces off-odors so well that a cook can switch back and forth from seafoods to vegetables to meats without carryover flavors.

OF1000 series is not an oil filtration system. Oil filtration is a physical process designed to achieve its cleanliness by removing sediments and burned food particles from the oil. In contrast, the OilFresh device slows down oil breakdown by way of vigorously conditioning oil at the molecular level. In fact, the OilFresh device and oil filtration systems can therefore be complementary to each other.

nsf.gifOF1000 series device is not an additive nor a chemical, but is an entirely new technological innovation. It is completely safe to use, authorized by the US FDA and certified by NSF Int'l. A flat, semi-permanent, vertical insert, made of advanced ceramic materials, OilFresh device fits most brands of commercial deep fryers now in standard use, including Frymaster, Dean, Pitco, Imperial, Vulcan, Henny Penny, Ultrafryer, American Range and many more.

Primary Benefits

  • Cut Oil Cost in Half: extending the usable life of oil by up to 100%
  • Reduce Cooking Temperature: reducing cooking temperature by 15~20°F
  • Shorten Cooking Time: as much as 20% or more
  • Serve Healthier & Better Tasting Fries: Less greasy and crispier texture

Additional Benefits

  • Crispier food texture with minimal oily impregnation
  • Lighter colored fries from darker turned oil
  • Substantially less foams over fried seafood like calamari
  • No change on food flavor
  • Deferment of smoking point
  • Non-toxic, non-chemical, and not an additive
  • Long life device for repeated use
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Works for any oil including shortenings, vegetable oil etc.
  • Environment friendly ceramic device

What It Does and What It Doesn't...

  • What It Does
    • -Allows quicker frying at slightly lower temperature (better heat conductivity)
    • -Better food texture (crispier and less oily)
    • -Prevents off-flavor (keep the original flavor longer)
    • -Lighter food color (less affected by oil color)
  • What It Does NOT
    • -Cleaning oil (it's not a filtration system)
    • -Whitening oil color (it's not whitening chemical)
    • -Change fried food flavor (it doesn't affect flavor of the oil)